SEALMASTER Cable and penetration sealants (U.K)
Firebar with penetration using Firefoam and Silicone Sealant Firebar supporterd with edge brackets & cross straps in vertical service duct, viewed from below.
Technical Information
Material : Firebar is a resin bonded high density mineral fibre board coated on both sides with an expandable Graphite based intumescent material. Firefoam is a fire retardant polyurethane flexible foam coated on both sides with a 2mm thick expandable graphite-based intumescent sealant.

Density: Firebar mineral fibre block has a density of 170kg/m3.

Compressibility: (of Firebar )
At 100kg/m2 compressibility is less than 1%
At 500kg/m2 compressibility is less than 4%

Size : Firefoam strip: 1m X 50mm X 22mm
Firebar board : 1200mm X 600mm X 50mm

Fire resistant rating: Independently tested to BS 476 for two hours.

Durability: Firebar and Firefoam are dimensionally stable, and are water and moisture resistant. They are unaffected by atmospheric carbon dioxide. They are designed to be sufficiently robust to withstand the rigors of the building site.

Other properties: Firebar and Firefoam have good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Safety: Firebar and Firefoam are both asbestos free. Only small quantities of fibres are released from the cut edges of Firebar, which can be sealed with a skin of Sealmaster Silicone Sealant. Cutting of Firebar should be carried out in a well ventilated area which is not susceptible to airborne fibres, and the use of dust masks, cotton gloves and eye protection is recommended.
Further Information
Our sales and technical teams will be only too pleased to provide further advice or technical information on Sealmaster's fire penetration systems or any form of passive fire protection.

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